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A CBD-powered sleep product designed to help you win back your nights and get more out of your days.

The Benefits

Say hello to comprehensive sleep support.

Quiet the mind.

Sleep deeper.

Wake up refreshed.

Powered by nature’s finest.

All packed into an easy-to-use sublingual spray. Hover over each ingredient to find out more.

All packed into an easy-to-use oral spray. Tap on each ingredient to find out more.

Hemp Extract
Rich in CBD and CBN for night-time stress relief and full-body relaxation. No THC so you won't have to worry about getting McCartney-level stoned.
To reduce your body’s sensitivity to sounds.
Botanical Terpenes
Extracted from black pepper, mangoes and lavender. All curated to amplify your relaxation, harness the hemp plant’s entourage effect and maximize synergy between all ingredients.
For coping with daily stress.
Valerian Root
For helping the body get to sleep.
For boosting the immune system and achieving a restorative sleep-state.
To increase time in REM-sleep and wind down.
To help soothe the mind.

Tailor-made formulas to get you sleeping better.

Struggling to get any sleep or just looking to get the most out of your hours? Our process is designed to help you find your optimal dose.

How it works.

Complete our Sleep Assessment.
Our brief survey helps us get to know you so we can recommend the best formula for your needs.
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REST is available as a monthly subscription or a single-time purchase. Want to try before you buy? We have a trial program that lets you try 7 nights of your plan for $20.
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Get ready for swift drifts to dreamland and deep, restorative sleep.
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Why we stand out.

Fair prices.

CBD can get very expensive. We pride ourselves on offering fair prices that get as low as $0.06 / mg of CBD - which is 50% cheaper than the market average. Better for your wallet and your sleep.

Sustainably farmed, expertly formulated.

Our hemp is grown under the sun and extracted at a state-of-the-art facility in Southbridge, MA. Prior to shipping, all products are taken to third-party labs to conduct rigorous testing for safety, purity and efficacy. Learn more here.

Find your 'just right'.

Track your sleep quality, stay on a consistent routine and get updated dose recommendations as you're going along with the help of our friendly chatbot.

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Feeling good. Doing good.

20% of our profits go to fight the opioid crisis in America. Our first collaboration is with Americans for Safe Access, a national organization fighting for expanded access to cannabis across the country.

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