Goodness is a new approach to wellness.
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A deep dive into the journey from a bright open field of hemp to your new favorite night cap.

Cultivation & Extraction

Your product's journey starts with the sourcing of meticulously cultivated sun-grown hemp on the East Coast of the United States. After harvesting, the hemp is taken through a CO2 extraction process that uses high-pressure water in order to create raw hemp extract. This extract is further distilled in order to remove not-so-tasty plant bits and get it ready for emulsification.

Micro- Emulsification

Our hemp extract goes through an emulsification process to wrap the cannabinoids in tiny water molecules. This increases the bioavailability of our extract by as much as eight multiples compared to normal hemp products. Emulsification makes cannabinoids a lot easier for your body to absorb, which means that you need a lot less to achieve the snooze-inducing effects you're looking for.

Personalization and Formulation

Finally, the ingredients are on-hand and ready for formulation. Each of our clients gets a unique formulation based on the results of their Sleep Assessment. Our assessment was built off of existing clinical research on cannabinoid dosages for sleep, as well as extensive consultation with doctors and cannabis experts alike. Interested in getting your personalized formula? 

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